What you can and cannot do with our products   We want to keep a high value for our private label products, so to prevent them from being devalued by clueless marketers, resellers, or membership site owners the following distribution rights are vigorously enforced. Yes You can resell the products to your customers (as a package or individually) Yes You can add your name to the products as the original author Yes You can give the products away as an incentive for your for your newsletter, or email list (one product at a time) Yes You can offer these products as a bonus for someone buying another paid product form you (only 2 max may be offered this way) Yes You may sell the products on auctions sites like eBay No These products may not be added to membership sites (free or paid) No You cannot sell these products on dime sale sites like tradebit.com, and the like No You cannot claim any copyrights on the content, or graphics No You cannot tear the products apart and create articles, or blog entries, or forum entries